Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011 pumpkin harvest

Well, I guess the seeds in the packet were not what they said...oh well. Here is the 2011 harvest. I guess gourds are better than nothing. At least they are orange. Only had two vines that actually turned out to be pumpkins. Think I might throw in the towel next year.


  1. A least try a few plants next year.. The Slugs are getting at my harvested Pumpkins ...They damaged "Jack"....I guess I will place a Large blanket in my bedroom floor .. And set them there until Late October...Well at least It will keep them safe... the Doctor

  2. Those are fine looking specimens regardless!

  3. Dr. Theda Again this time with something that was given to me It is the "Minions of Misery" Award...
    this says that they need you to post Three things about yourself... A "dark" Book ...A "Dark" Film... and some "dark"Secret about yourself ... and Present it to Three other Blogs that you enjoy