Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Using what you have

Once again this year I find that we can have a lot of fun working with what we already have.
Props always look cool when you get them, but sometimes standing alone they seem to lose
a bit and seem smaller and not as visually impressive as once thought. I guess that can happen when
you have too much stuff...although I will never admit that. I found that grouping props into a
single stand alone piece can be better than just tossing them in the yard randomly or in the
garbage for that matter. Below are a few examples. I took a 12$ bag of bones we had, a extra small tombstone, and a evil light up pumpkin we had. Alone, they were not much, but together I
think we came up with a cool stand alone prop that goes with the graveyards theme much better.

I also had a nice wall buster plaque I got about 10 years ago. Looked ok on a wall, but not a lot
of "wow" effect. I decided to grab a piece of foam board and mount it to a large tombstone and 
place a couple of flicker candles in the eyes. Was also going to toss out the Boneyard sign as it was 
damaged and seen better days. Stuck that to the bottom and it completed a nice addition to
the cemetery. I left it open on the back with a wire so I will also use it as a large wall hanging prop

So now instead of having a box of odds and ends, I have just two condensed props that look
much better together. time to see what else is laying around.....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brew review

Had a chance to sample a newcomer to my vault of pumpkin brews this season.
Lakefront Brewery, from my original home town Milwaukee, Wi.
is offering up a lager made with pumpkin and spices. Had to rate this one
about a 4 out of 5. Very impressed with the amount of flavoring. Not overpowering
and very clean and refreshing. I like my pumpkin beer a bit heavier and cloudy,
but I would have to recommend this brew to any in search of
a good fall beer.

Thursday, August 15, 2013