Friday, January 28, 2022

New prop build

 Ok, so I had this really cool tiki torch I bought at Menards probably 15 years ago, had an awesome pumpkin head on top.  Never saw them again

Well the canister for the torch fluid finally fell apart and since it was a special size could not be replaced.

So I wondered what I could do with the pumpkin head since it had a big hole in the top for the torch when I realized I had a 36" skeleton that was in the trunks in the basement. And wouldn't you know the head fit perfectly. I had to build up the top where the hole was and put a stem on it for the finishing touch.

I call him the Trick or treater.

I saw on the Highbury Cemetery blog how he made a cool trick or treater prop and thus came the inspiration, so thank you for that.

Just a little Halloween fun during a cold January