Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Halloween Shelves in production for 2012

Hello all!
As for most of us out there, the last couple of years have been pretty difficult. The economy and employment issues have plagued many of us in a variety of ways, so to keep myself active during down times i have tried to stay busy. Mrs. October asked for a "halloween style shelf" to display our growing collection of decorations. Of course as long as I was making sawdust, I thought I would make a few different styles, and the reaction was good..everybody wants one. This prompted thoughts of building more and possibly posting on Esty. 
Now, I am quite the novice when it comes to this thing, so of course my head is spinning with all kinds of issues- mostly shipping. The shelves are different sizes (actually I could custom make them to any size) but some of them are pretty large, so shipping options have become a headache. I talked with the Undertaker over at www.hauntedhotsauce.com/ and he was kind enough to share his thoughts on marketing and the woes of shipping. I know and follow many of you out there, Shellhawk at shellhawksnest.blogspot.com, Pam at http://labyrinthcreations.blogspot.com/ and of course Pumpkinrots Pumpkin Hollow pumpkinrot.com/pages/Page28.htm. There are so many talented people in the haunt community, obviously I cannot list them all, so my apologies for that, but I would welcome any suggestions, reviews or input of my work.
I am capable of building full size furniture like hutches and bookcases as well as custom kitchens. (Wouldn't it be cool to build a whole kitchen in this style!) That would be a dream, but location and of course shipping again tends to kill the dream. A nice thought though...
So here are my shelves. They are all solid wood, hand distressed, aged and painted. I used a orange under coat and a black top coat with a rub effect which I felt turned out rather well. I also played with the idea of finishing them in the traditional "barn grey" as well. Wow, I think that is the "wordiest" post I have ever made, so I will stop, hang up and listen for my answer. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to you comments and input.
The October Boy.