Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2022

 Finally ticked off another bucket list item.

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights.

My first visit, and from what I have heard, one of the best years. It would have to be since it is the "31st" run of the event. It was a hell of a lot of walking but worth it. We were lucky enough to have a season pass so we could get in the park early and stay in what they call the stay and scream holding area which let us in early so we could knock out about 3 of the 10 haunted houses before it opened to the public at the main gate. Definitely worth it. We did a ton of research and learned some excellent tips from other bloggers and Utube videos that without we would not have been able to see and enjoy everything like we did. We went for 2 nights and were able to complete all 10 houses and 5 scare zones, as well as the live shows. The houses were obviously well done and a blast to go through ranging in themes from Michael Myers Halloween to Universal monsters- probably my 2 favorites.

You are not allowed to take pictures in the houses so I can't show any of those but I did get some of the scare zones. With the weather being close to 100 degrees and high humidity, it did not feel a lot like fall but it was still a very creepy and fun event to attend. Rain was threatening both nights but we lucked out and stayed dry.

So all in all, it was a great start to the Halloween season.
A bit exhausting and a 6:00 am return flight took its toll but definitely worth it.
Now it's on to Salem and Haunted Overload next month!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Heading to Universal

 Heading out to Universals Halloween Horror nights this weekend!

First time attending this event. Looks to be a lot of fun. If anyone has any tips or advice, it would be much appreciated. So good to get the fall season events going!