Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monster pumpkin?

Well, maybe not, but this is by far the best pumpkin that I have grown to date. It's still growing so who knows how large it will get. I put a key on it for size reference. The vines borers are a no show so far this year. Last fall I dug through the dirt and removed any of the nasty white worms, so maybe that helped. By this time last year they were already killing the plants so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Just have about 5 other starters on the vines. A lot of the females seemed to wither before flowering so no chance for them but there is still plenty of time left!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home Haunter DVD awards 2012....Yeah!

Just wanted to post a great big thanks to Jeff and Chris Davis over at the Davis Graveyard. It appears that The Deadwood Cemetery was the recipient of the static prop vanguard award for 2012 !
We could not be more thrilled! Just to be listed with all the other great haunts is an honor and to be recognized is a dream come true. Thanks again to all those who worked so hard putting the dvd collection together and to the judges volunteering their time and talents. Use the link below to view the great website set up for all the home Haunters video information and all the other winners.