Sunday, May 22, 2011

Witch jars now in production for 2011

Got an early start this year and started on my witch jars for this years haunt. Using Pumkinrots design, I  decided to customize mine a bit. I wanted more color this year, as last years were just clear. I looked long and hard for some orange glass paint, but could not find any thing that worked the way I wanted, so I did some experimenting and found the look that I wanted at the price I wanted. Since I have saved about 30-40 jars of various sizes since last October, I plan to steal from Shellhawk and the Bloodshed brothers (since their lighted and decorated trees were so cool), and completely fill my front tree with the jars. I found that orange spray paint lightly sprayed inside gave a great base to start with. I then used a waterbase matte varnish, mixed with amber aniline dye and slopped it on the edges for the drips and did some "spattering" on the sides. I think this got me the look that I wanted. Not really sure what that look is, but I think it's pretty cool.....Now only about 35 left to go......

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pumpkins are finally in the ground!

I think the threat of frost may be over..but you never know here. I managed to get my pumpkin plants in the ground today as they were starting to look a bit sick. The trays that I planted the seeds in were too small I guess. You live and learn. Speaking of learning...Countess VonRauber of the 2nd Street Cemetery posted a great link for those of us trying to grow our own Jacks- Many thanks for that. Maybe this year I will get more than one like last year!