Tuesday, June 28, 2011

floor candelabra

Got about as far as I can on my candelabra for now. I am planning on getting some of those little garland skeletons and pose them climbing up the sides and of course a few webs for the finishing touch, so I will probably wait until the stores start carrying halloween stuff. I know I could order online, but I like to see what I'm getting. Besides, there are plenty of other projects for me to start on....


  1. That's so cool! What material is this made from? Also, how tall is the candelabra?

  2. Thanks all!
    The candelabra stands about 5 feet tall. I took apart an old table and used some of the spindle turnings for the main run.( I always hated that table) The "wings" are made of lightweight mdf that I cut on a bandsaw. The candles are the basic pvc pipe method with hot glue dripped on them..
    and of course lots of black paint.

  3. Looks absolutely fantastic...great idea with the small skeletons!