Monday, July 13, 2020

A different year....

Well, I usually post my pumpkin patch update at this time of year.
Its usually a lot more fun than this year as the future is a little uncertain to say the least.
Everyone seems to be adapting and handling things as best as can be.
First off, we had Pumpkinrot drop off the radar last June. Always enjoyed his almost daily posts
and considered him the ambassador of Halloween. Sure miss him.
And to add to my disappointment, Victor at Halloween Hot Sauce had to close shop in order to take care of family. Sure miss him as he made the best hot sauce around!
So the whole Halloween vibe has a different feel to it this year. We had decided last January to go ahead and plan for one of our "big" parties this year. A dark carnival theme and I was excited to get going planning and prop building...well we all know what happened after January.
But there were a couple of bright spots,
I was happy to see Mark from Shingle Creek Manor return to his blog. I missed Marks creative builds and advice. Good to see him posting again.
Shelly over at Shellhawks nest has been an inspiration and is turning out some very fine pottery for the upcoming fall season.
So in closing, I just wanted to wish all well in these crazy times and we will keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel....maybe it will be orange and flickering!


  1. Thanks OB! Just trying to feel some "Halloween good feels"! Tough year for sure. Good to see the Deadwood Cemetery Pumpkin Patch is underway! That's certainly part of the "good feels"! I'm in the same boat. Miss Rot's posts for sure and in an absolute quandary of what to do with a Halloween that will likely be cancelled here.I'm hearing rumors of Rot going through personal issues, so hopefully that will be sorted out and we'll see him return.

    1. Great to hear from you Mark! I tried posting on your blog but for some reason Blogger kept kicking it out...? As I remember, I believe that you are in Florida and you guys are going through some tough times there.
      Yes I agree that these posts should be about getting away and feeling good- some sense of normalcy so I apologize if my post came out like complaining. Guess I was just venting and I realize that others are going through things far rougher than I have had to endure.
      As for Rot, yes I have heard the same and wish him well, but I get a funny feeling that he won't be coming back...hope I'm wrong about that.
      Stay safe and I guess we can all work on Halloween concepts that don't involve parties- displays are always cool and people need that even if its a drive by!

    2. Nope! Didnt sound like complaining at all! Kind of nice to know other peoples heads are kind of in the same place...

  2. Hey October Boy - patch looks good. I hope you get some great pumpkins out of that. Yes it is a weird year - hope Halloween happens but I am not holding my breath. I do plan on a display this year mostly to cheer up my neighbors and it won't hurt my morale either. I have lots of craft ideas. It is a bummer Halloween falls on a Sat this year - what a waste!

  3. Hello Lady M. Yes isn't that the kicker with it falling on a Saturday? Thanks on the patch- some of the plants are doing really well. I tried planting some of those "Cinderella" pumpkins I saw you do last year. Those are not doing too well but you never know. Nice to hear from you and look forward to seeing the craft ideas you come up with, also have been enjoying your miniatures tons!

  4. Most definitely a kicker with Halloween falling on a Saturday this year. We're planning on breaking tradition and may set up our haunt for perhaps 9 or 10 days versus just on Halloween to at least give people a chance to see it at their own leisure with the fate of trick-or-treating up in the air. Of course we'll be photographing the haunt as always. We're located in the Western NY/Finger Lakes region and right now we're in "Phase 4" (not to be confused with the 1974 sci-fi movie about intelligent ants) and they're having little league games in the parks around here again, but things could go sour comes the fall again. We're prepping for "socially distanced" trick-or-treating and will be building a serving bar/buffet on our front porch that will block off the porch entry and we can set up treat bags of candy to be taken with some level of control versus kids clambering around a "please help yourself" type candy bowl that some people put out when they can't attend their front door on Halloween. We'll probably put up a sign at the front of our entry walkway encouraging people to only come up the walkway one at a time and stay distanced from others. There are tons of fun Halloween print face masks available online now as well. And if there isn't any trick-or-treating allowed or people don't bother, we'll still enjoy the night as best we can.

    1. Sounds like you have a plan! I think we will do the set up for about 3 weeks before and I'm sure we can come up with some way to get the TOT's some treats but as with everyone, that will have to be determined as it gets closer. I'm sure we will be in the driveway no matter what.