Monday, June 4, 2012

This years pumpkin patch attempt

After last year and the heartache caused by endless work and pampering, only to be rewarded with some odd looking gourds, I told myself to give it up.  I had that thought in mind all winter and into the first months of spring. But alas the warmer weather got me going and I guess taking care of the little buggers gives me something productive to do, so I threw some seeds I dried from last years Jacks and tossed them in a pot. What I got were some of the best pumpkin plant shoots I've ever had. So, that got me thinking...I should probably build a small bed for these with some good dirt and let them go to town. But after transplanting them, and watching them wilt to the ground within five minutes, I thought my original plan to give it up was back into play. But after much water and a couple of hours, they sprang back to life!
I even had to make a small scarecrow to hold vigil over them. Hopefully he will bring good luck to them this season.


  1. LOVE the scarecrow.

    Good luck!

  2. Yes, Good Luck! i never had success growing pumpkins.

  3. Creepy-looking scarecrow..... I like the one that is on the ground.... Glad to see that you planted a patch this year.... we wish you the best of luck this growing season.....remember the keep an eye out for pest ( and childishly spiteful fat-ass cops who would drive by and douse your growth with hot coffee)
    One of the reasons that I did plant this year was to "piss off" the vindictive cop.... he hates me.... and has for many years.... now that I am listed as "disabled" ...He has to show "just cause" in order to f**k with me.... that really pisses him off.....
    your "fiend", ....the Doctor

  4. Hey, glad to see you back! That spirited pumpkin scarecrow is sure to bring you more luck. :) I hope! I've read so many blog posts by people who have had trouble growing pumpkins. The only time I grew a pumpkin was by accident. A pumpkin seed must have blown in from somewhere. So I can relate to your story of just casually tossing the seeds, and getting a crop!

  5. Thanks all for the encouragement all! Stay strong Doctor...and may your crop prosper.
    Justine- I hear you. I have been checking around and have seen all the horror stories as well.
    Just like what happened to you- you mostly need some good luck. You think with all of us Halloween people out there that we would be experts..