Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's harvest time

Looks like the pumpkin patch of 2013 is finally at a close. This year we managed to get 8 very good sized pumpkins, by far the best crop ever. Hell if I know why, but never the less happy about it. We still have 3 left to orange up, but as for the other five they are ready to pick. I am a bit hesitant to pick them as we never had a crop ready this early. If anybody has tips to how to keep them fresh till Halloween please pass it on. Not sure if I should leave them on the vine or not.


  1. As long as you don't carve them and they don't have any damage, they should stay good till Halloween. I've had pumpkins for a few months before they went bad.

  2. Congratulations on your eight pumpkins! That's quite an accomplishment. Mine are still on the vine too. I'd been wondering when it was time to harvest them, and here's what I read: As soon as they're orange, they can be cut from the vine. Leave at least a 3-4 inch stem on the pumpkin. Store it somewhere cool - around 55 degrees. Your basement could work. Don't set it on a cement floor.

    You should have a great pumpkin display this year!

  3. I overlooked the harvesting of the Deadwood Pumpkin Patch blog! Nice job! I may lose my mind and give it a shot next year... Or not. It does look like it's a bit of patience and work.