Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Using what you have

Once again this year I find that we can have a lot of fun working with what we already have.
Props always look cool when you get them, but sometimes standing alone they seem to lose
a bit and seem smaller and not as visually impressive as once thought. I guess that can happen when
you have too much stuff...although I will never admit that. I found that grouping props into a
single stand alone piece can be better than just tossing them in the yard randomly or in the
garbage for that matter. Below are a few examples. I took a 12$ bag of bones we had, a extra small tombstone, and a evil light up pumpkin we had. Alone, they were not much, but together I
think we came up with a cool stand alone prop that goes with the graveyards theme much better.

I also had a nice wall buster plaque I got about 10 years ago. Looked ok on a wall, but not a lot
of "wow" effect. I decided to grab a piece of foam board and mount it to a large tombstone and 
place a couple of flicker candles in the eyes. Was also going to toss out the Boneyard sign as it was 
damaged and seen better days. Stuck that to the bottom and it completed a nice addition to
the cemetery. I left it open on the back with a wire so I will also use it as a large wall hanging prop

So now instead of having a box of odds and ends, I have just two condensed props that look
much better together. time to see what else is laying around.....


  1. I really like the standee you made, and I've used those "bag o' bones" skeleton parts in a similar way myself.

    I got one for x-mas a couple years back, so last year I built a torso out of paper and masking tape, assembled a pair of arms, stuck on the skull, draped the whole thing in white creepy cloth. It had motion activated sound and lights, so I hung it up over the interior of the entrance to my haunt so that it would go off behind people when they came in.

    This year, I took it apart, and turned it into the witch head that I posted on my blog. I'm looking forward to really tricking it out and lighting it nicely.

    1. I have seen your witch and it is awesome. Looking forward to seeing it all lit up and finished!

  2. Wow this is stupendous! I love the creative uses of seemingly simple props, I would have never thought about things that way. And they came out amazing. Now I can bring fresh eye to props.

    1. Thanks HHH. Its always satisfying to take something you were going to toss and make something out of it. It also makes set up and take down a bit easier too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ked! Always appreciate comments from one so talented.

  4. I, too, have a bunch of random objects that need some oomph. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. You did a seriously wonderful job assembling these props. Way to use what you already have on hand! I hope we'll get to see some photos of these props being used in your Halloween display.

  6. That's not just consolidating old props, you have to have a creative eye to make treasures like this out of spare parts. Really digging how the tombstone turned out!

  7. Thanks everyone! Hopefully they will translate well with lighting and photos.
    It's 84 and humid today so its kind of hard to get into the fall spirit on September 1, but
    hey, this is the midwest and i'm sure the bottom will drop out soon!

  8. fantastic work! really LOVE the skelly and pumpkin.