Sunday, November 21, 2010

A question of corn

Been thinking lately and decided that I would like to go a bit more organic for next years haunt. Living in the "new" suburbs with very  few trees, and no mature ones, you really miss out on creating a great atmosphere naturally. I thought rows and walls of cornstalk bunches might get me closer to where I would like to be.  So that brings a few questions to mind. How do you go about obtaining large amounts of stalks, without going into a covert operation...and another thing, what do you do with them after? They can be kind of messy. So, if anyone has some advice or ideas, I would sure love to hear from you.


  1. Roadside stands, nurseries and farmer's markets generally sell cornstalks but can be kind of pricey. Your best be would be to ask a farmer that grows corn if you could purchase some. Some farmers will let you chop some down for free. I've heard of people getting multiple bundles of stalks for cheap as well.

    As far as disposing of the stalks, try the town dump. Or your garbage man may take them if you bundle them up and set them on the curb. We just dump them in the woods and let them rot. ;)

  2. Thanks for the ideas. Yes things here are very pricey at the roadside stands. Five bucks gets you a couple of stalks! As you said, I think my best bet is to ask a farmer, or pay them to bundle some up, although i'm not quite sure how to start that conversation. We tried to grow some last year. It worked, but the racoons trashed everything about mid august. We were left with a tattered bundle about 4 feet high.

  3. Sorry your corn got destroyed. Darn racoons.

    Don't be intimidated. You probably wouldn't be the first to have asked a farmer. Most whom I've talked to are glad to help.

  4. That sounds like a plan. I see so many fields around where the corn just sits all winter, then gets plowed under in the spring. Just don't want to appear as one of those who takes and re-sells.
    And I will be watching the racoons as well!