Tuesday, November 9, 2010

past years props

 Thought I would post a few of my favorite props from years past, when everything was inside. The clean up was ridiculous. Especially the haunted forest home to the troll from our Grim fairy tales party. The cottage over the fireplace was also from the same year. The floating graveyard woman was from the Creepshow party two years ago. The scarecrow was the original Deadwood Jack- until Pumpkinrot twisted my vision of him. (many thanks for that) So glad to be outside now!


  1. I love the troll!
    what do you use for a base? I have a lot of trouble getting "my guys" to stay standing.
    Lost my Grim last year toppled over in high wind and hit concrete. not pretty.

  2. Joy, Sorry to hear about your Grim! The wind has caused many casualties over the years. Inside the house, I usually just used a plywood base screwed through the bottom, but outside I use 3 foot rebar pounded into the ground. Then my guys have a length of 3/4 electrical pipe mounted to their legs inside and they slide right over onto the rebar. ...then you can laugh at the wind!

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I just came across your blog. Please feel free to stop by mine and take a peek and don't forget to subscribe as well!