Friday, October 18, 2019

Eastern fall trip

I can't believe this month is just flying by. Had a shop accident a few weeks ago (hand into the table saw) I won't post any pictures of that, but it was pretty horrific. But I was good enough to make our fall trip last week to some of the best Halloween places on earth. I had contacted author JW Ocker who lives in New Hampshire for some tips and ideas. He had some great suggestions and and we took his advice. First was Glouceter Massachucetts and a visit to Hammond castle for the haunted tour. Castle was beautiful but the haunt was a bit short. Next it was on to Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire for the self guided day walk through. I can't even begin to say how incredible this place is. We probably spent a good 90 minutes on the walk through. We met up with a couple of workers finalizing some props and chatted for a while. Even though it was sold out for the night, they said to come back and they would get us in but unfortunatley our schedule did not allow that. Even got to see owner Eric Lowther running around. Would have loved to say hello and talk with him but he looked way too busy and I didn't want to completely geek out on him.

Finally it was on to Salem for two days and Salem always delivers.
 The atmosphere in the town drips of Halloween.
Now that we are home, it is time to get started on the yard set up which has been put on the back burner and time is running out!



  1. What a Great trip. Definitely a bucket list item for me. Everything about your pictures is just macabre - from the leaf litter to the dilapidated old house in the woods. They really know how to put on a display out east and have all that history to back it up.

  2. Hand into a table saw!? Are you OK? I guess you're typing here, so... OK enough to type at least? I'm familiar with Haunted Overload and it's one of the coolest looking haunts I've seen pics of online. To start with, they have an amazing setting to work with. And those big pumpkins! I thought of you last night because we went to the Pumpkin Pavilion in Bayview. I'll be posting pics from that soon!

  3. I went to Salem a couple years ago and made the drive to Haunted Overload. It's my absolute favorite haunt. Great photos that bring back great memories!! Now get that hand healed up, you only have another 10 days!!