Thursday, August 8, 2019

Tis the season

Well, its getting to be that time again! Pumpkin crop was doing well this year with all the rain we got in the spring...until the vine borers infested the patch and slowly began killing the plants.
I was able to kill a few of them but there are just too many of the pesky critters this year.
We managed to get a few good pumpkins, one of which I had to harvest already since the vine was infested right at the stem. Kind of frustrating but at least we will get 6 or 7 jacks out of the patch this year!


  1. Wow - good for you. Six or seven is not to shabby. They look like nice pumpkins too. What variety do you plant?

    1. Thanks Lady M. I am grateful for whatever the good earth gives me! As far as variety- you got me there.
      We usually buy some good ones off a trailer in the country and I save those seeds to plant. I have never had a good experience with store bought seeds.