Monday, October 17, 2016

Sleepy Hollow/ Salem trip

Got back last week from a marathon fall travel adventure.
First off was Sleepy Hollow

Love the scarecrow that greets you downtown
(although it looks like a Pumpkinrot copy)

From the Pumpkin Blaze in Croton on the Hudson
Really amazing display

On to Salem..
"The Witch House" while on a lantern ghost tour

The whole town is just Halloween bliss

after 2000 miles of driving, it was then on to our
annual haunted camping trip

Then finally back home to decorate.
Got the Deadwood Cemetery set up yesterday
But, like clock work, the gale force winds are 
whipping through today taking a toll on the props!


  1. Salem looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

  2. What a super spooky trip! We are having gale force winds today too. I have had to rescue some props.

  3. I just got back from Salem tonight! What a great place for an October visit!!

  4. Had my sights set on the Pumpkin Blaze for a couple years now and everyone says Salem is amazing this time of year. Sounds like a great Halloween trip! Hopefully you have photos of Salem too? Video of Deadwood this year?